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I am just returning to my reception class and role as EYFS leader after a year off on maternity leave. A few things have changed while I've been away and one of them is the use of a new progress toolkit which I believe is similar to progress matters.


This assessment toolkit is being used as well as the profile and I am not sure if it is necessary to do both. The toolkit assesses against development matters statements, shows if they are secure, emerging or developing. It looks good in Nursery but do I need to do it as well as the profile? I know the profile is statutory and previously I filled it in 3 times a year but it seems a lot to fill in the assessment toolkit 3 times a year AND the profile?


Anyone have any experience of this? I am wondering if I can use the toolkit through out the year to assess against dev matters and then just fill in the profile at the end of the year?

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