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Do you use assessment for learning in your EYFS classroom? I am trying to write my masters essays and i have sort of taken this route and now not sure about where i am going. The aim of my essay is to better understand AFL and how this can be applied/ adapted to EYFS and whether this better undertsnading of AFL will have a positive impact on my classroom practice and children's learning.


so i am wondering do you use AFL techniques/ what do you use and do you feel it has been benifital or is it just another education fad!


Things i current use in my reception class are talk partners, self/ peer evaluation though this is a work in progress! and modelling. oh as well as all the observations, photos and sticky notes i write!!


Thank you in advance for any help if i haven't confused you all!

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To confess - I'm never completely sure whether things I do get considered as AfL or not! :o So I'll tell you the things I do and you can ignore me if it doesn't make sense!


I also do talk partners - need to do more work on this this year to make it a bit more effective.


I get my children to tell me how well they think they understand (hands on heads for understand really well and want to get going, on shoulders if they think they know but aren't quite sure and on tummies if they're confused and want a bit more help).


Same as you for observations, photos etc etc etc! I'd be interested to know what kind of things you're doing for peer/self-evaluation at some point.


Do I think it benefits? Talk partners definitely does even at the very basic level we've done it so far. Obs etc yes.


Will keep pondering and see if I come all with anything else - school seems so far away at the moment I'm not entirely sure what I do do apart from turning up in the classroom each day!

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