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Do any of you use an overall summery sheet to go in a child's personal records?


I'm not talking about anything to do with Learning Journeys eg obs and development although it could be linked but something that you could record a summary of accidents or incidents, whether a child is seeing other professionals eg SALT or has SEN on entering.


I am thinking of doing something, but would like to know what others think or if they use anything already.





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Thanks Maz for the quick response.


I was thinking of something that could go in each child's record so that at a glance I could see:


Jonny keeps falling over at Pre-school but is also doing this at home


Sarah keeps having incidents with another child


Kate gets cross with another child because she can't understand them, other child is having SALT


I'm looking for an easy way of consolidating information I guess.



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Hi rachelllps, this is not a critiscism just an observation it looks like all your examples are of negative situations.

Obviously children that have been identified and diagnosed as Sen should have a IEP, or Action Plus with targets to support them.. This will also have been documented on the child's personal details form before coming to us, or added to the IEP files, the same as medical conditions, security of a child.

If a child had an incident at the setting this would be recorded in our incident book and discussed and signed by parents/carers.

All other information is through the key-person and shared by discussion with the team to support the child,

We do make post it obs/ tracker obs if a child is showing behavioural issues, to get a clearer picture and try to identify the possible triggers for this.

This would always be discussed with parents first.

All accidents are in our accident book and signed by parent/carers.

I think i get the gist of what your trying to do, but i'm not sure it's necessary and who is going to see them. :o

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Thanks for your comments Bridger,


Absolutely agree with what you say re SEN children and yes they do have an IEP and other records etc


Incident and accidents are recorded and signed by parents and kept with the children's other records


Behavioural issues are also kept on the child's file including visits by SALT, Health Visitors and area SENCo.


My concern was due to me going through the incident/accident records for the last term and realising that:


x had had 7 accidents/incidents all due to falling over/tripping - 3 at home


y had been involved in 5 incidents, 3 of which were due to another child (SEN)


z had 4 head bumps all due to over enthusiastic tidying up/ bumping into another child while bending over.


Please don't think that I've only just noticed these things as some of the situations have been ongoing and well documented.


I was just thinking it would be useful to have a page at the front of children's records to document if x is being particularly clumsy recently or Y is being 'targeted' by a child or z needs help while tidying up.


Thought it might help staff who aren't in every day and also to see patterns.



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Hi i think if you are trying to build up a pattern of behaviour, clumsiness, then it could be useful to have this documented on a seperate sheet, especially if you have a large cohort of staff, always consulting with parents/carers first.

However as a team we speak daily about these things together. At our staff meetings held each half-term, we go through all children with their keypersons with any issues/actions which all staff are then made aware of.

We also include this in our weekly planning sheet given to each staff member under differentiation, so all staff are aware of key children identified and the support needed.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Rachel

It sounds like a really good idea and I can see where you're coming from; but think of the additional workload! My Headteacher calls me the 'paperwork queen' - I'm always devising forms for something! :o So when I read your post I thought - yes, that's a great idea, perhaps I will implement that too. But then I remembered my long, long list of all the paperwork I need to prepare, update, print each half term. So I guess I'm saying, if you feel that the paperwork would really help, then go for it! But it sounds to me like you are already well aware of what is going on around you!

Good luck, whatever you decide - and I'm sure it will be right for you! xD

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