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I have been offered an interview for a nursery position tomorrow, and am now panicking in a major way!!!!!!


I have been asked to read a story to 25 nursery children, then to ask suitable questions, and then to provide suggested activities to support the story...

25 nursery seems like quite a lot, I don't know, especially as I don't know the abilities of the children......


I'm thinking of using lullabyhullabaloo, as I have some props to support this, also can use it as a focus to help the children get really quiet ie princess doesn't like noise, can get the children to join in with repetition 'ssshhh', then saying lullaby at the end...

Activities - i'm thinking of making roleplay area into a castle, using instruments to make sounds for different noises in story, listening for what sounds we can hear in the daytime, painting pictures of different characters, anyone got any good ideas?

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I don't know the story too well but can you get them to make some simple puppets from the story? e.g. simple character pictures that they can colour, cut round and stick onto lolly sticks/straws etc?

P.S best of luck for tomorrow

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Firstly, good luck with the interview.


I love the story you've chosen - I agree there's lots of opportunities to join in, especially the "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!".


I also like your idea for using different instruments (could the children make their own?) to make the sounds of the story.


You could also devise some kind of listening game, perhaps asking children to close their eyes and choose one child to say a phrase and have the children guess who was speaking. Lots of scope for these type of activities, and listening skills can always do with improvement, in my experience.


You sound as if you have it all under control, even if you are panicking at the moment! Let us know how you get on.



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Good luck for tomorrow, :D


I'm not familiar with it but your story choice sounds good as you have props and it involves the childrens' participation. I agree that a group of 25 children is quite a large group for storytime. The positive is that they don't know you either, and in my experience ( when the dentist visits once a year to tell a "toothache" story) the children respond well to a new and interesting person.

Are the props you are going to use "child proof"? If so, maybe giving them the opportunity to use them to re-enact the story would be a possible follow-on activity.


Let us know how you get on.



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I also do not know the story but it sounds as if I shall have to get my hands on a copy.


Having read your post again I see you only have to suggest a list of activities and not have to set them up -

Working on Noisy and quiet music session - something we have to do at the start of each new term. Groups of children play instruments loudly and then quietly could be along to music. Use symbols to indicate noise level either a pictures from the story or a picture of a mouse and elephant, when you hold up the mouse the instruments must be played quietly etc.


Noisy and quiet sound lotto game, children could also record environmental sounds on the tape recorder.


Would going on a listening walk around the local environment be appropriate.


Picture story sequencing cards.


Good Luck if you have time write your activities out or some of them as formal planning

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Thanks Mimi, there are some really great ideas there


lullabyhullaballoo isbn is 0340626860 and its by Mick Inkpen, not sure though, it might be out of print


really lovely story though....


by the way, have you heard of Bookbrain.co.uk Click here!


its really good for cheap books online, searches through other book stores like amazon etc for cheapest...

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