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I need to make the decision to take this course or not this year, I am so scared of the work load though as I am working over 50 hours a week, I have been reading stuff on the fb page from this years course and it seemed very much up in the air, I can''t seem to get the gist of the tms's, what were they about?? They did not seem to relate to what people were reading?


Is there anywhere you can see samples? I am sure I seen some years ago when I first done my e123!


Has anyone got any advice or can point me in the direction of example or share theirs??


Don't want to waste the money if I cannot keep up with the work and there is no funding available for it :o


Thanks if anyone can help :)

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If you can set aside 16 hours a week for study you'll be fine. I was working at least that amount when I did my FDEY with the OU and although there were weeks when workload had to take priority, my husband made sure that I had a good block of time at weekends for catching up if I needed it. There was a sample assignment for e123, but it was unfortunately set at 'bare minimum for a pass', but this wasn't made clear and several folk, myself included, altered their original assignment to be more like that one, and just scraped a pass. I think they then made the decision not to do that.


Are you intending to do FDEY? I paid for most of mine myself, with the County helping with the last couple of modules as they'd found some funding from somewhere

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