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Hi happyteacher

I have attached copies of my planning (deleted children's/parents names as necessary).

It is very new for me as I have never planned in this way before, so I would appreciate any constructive criticism! :o

Week 1 planning was the first week after the Easter break and only two days, so there was no focussed assessment set.

Jennim is right - it is good to look at other formats.


Jennim, is the blogsite on the fsf? Can't seem to find it either on here or on Google.



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Guest pamgreen

Devonmaid I am really impressed with your planning formats. i was thinking of adapting the format for nursery. Is it easy to do it looks complicated but very comprehensive. do you get together with other staff to decide which learning intentions to cover, do you have any other examples for us to look at.

Thanks Cait for the link ABC does I really like the feeding forward into short term planning sheet and I have booked myself on to one of the courses the one in Birmingham.

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I am very interested in the idea of the ABC Child Initiated planner but can't seem to open the ABC - just keeps coming up with gobboldigook. Can you give me an idea of the format please Cait/Happy Teacher/Jenni.




Net :o

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