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Hi all

This is a question about school club and would like to know where we stand. We already make a loss over the 6 week holidays as the numbers of children booked in vary so much from 5 to 16 per day.

Been contacted by Breaks in Partnership who are coming to meet with manager on Thurs about possibility of a child with additional needs coming to holiday club. Its a bit late for us to organise staffing etc. She would not give any further details until she meets with manager ie what their needs were, funding etc.


My concern is that do they pay the daily rate that others pay..great for being inclusive but as a business we will be losing a lot of money if the child needs one to one we will have to get in extra staff. If they do need one to one does it have to be provided by our SENCO (one is heavily pregnant and will leave end of six weeks hol) the other may decide that she does not want to work extra days ie she is contracted to do 15 hrs per week which is ok for after school club but for holiday club we have variety of staff work so that they do their contractual hours in the week. Normally its only 2 staff on unless numbers are really high.


Unfortunately i cannot make meeting on thurs and the rest of the committee (7 of them) are all on holiday bar one who I could ask today to go with manager.


Any advice? We are already taking a local child with additional needs and providing one to one on the 2 days that she is in. There is no funding for her.

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Not sure but do think that while we all want to help and support etc.. apart form the not being viable - thinking of the child would you be able to give the amount of support needed on current staff... and if you cannot meet the needs then perhaps say so.. and that it is not in the child's best interests to attend somewhere which does not meet their needs but also in the process the children already in the setting will not have their needs met if you do take on the child..


sorry too many needs but you get the gist...


it may be not an issue they may cope without extra support.

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there may be other avenues that you can explore to get funding for support...parish council/town council/charities(depending on childs condition) ...perhaps throw it back to the advisors and say you will be delighted to have this child when they have sorted out the support finance then its up to them to get their fingers out!

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I believe you can say no if it is in the interests of keeping the child safe and looked after properly or to keep the other children safe.


You would have to have evidence to support your claim really.


It also seems to me very late in the holidays to now decide a place is needed.

Has something else fallen through I wonder?

Is it possible that his needs have not been able to be met by another club?


Ultimately I suppose it also depends on what the additional needs are too.


A tricky situation but full disclosure from the person meeting with your manager might not give a true picture of what the child is like either!


Sorry I have wafled on with no specific point made :o

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Well had meeting with manager today and apparently it was last thurs that the woman came in...get funding for one to one but still no further as she said parent will now contact us...Im not happy about this at all...no further information provided, do not like the last minute/rush that seems to be happening...surely we should be meeting with parents and discussing further the specific needs of the child, whether we are suitable premises, do we need to risk assess etc etc


Seems very mysterious....

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