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Hi all


Have been visited by LEA and been to see local accountant today. All very positive. School club is healthy apart from the holiday club when numbers come crashing down. Have to decide how to make it so that this doesnt make a loss either by not offering or by increasing costs dramatically...still thinking that one through! LEA man said as it is we are far too cheap and should have been increasing our fees every year even though we are covering all the costs.


Accountant says I need to get cash flow forecast done to give to bank if I decide to go futher.


Very difficult to do when the number of bookings varies each month and hence the numbers of staff change, then there is holiday club as well...anyway think I have done it after taking costs into account such as wages, equipment, rent food etc. Have also added a monthly wage for myself into the equation and increased the fees slightly (going to check other local clubs too)..


Now question is...wages...have worked out typical costs of wages included holiday pay but what about NI. Is that taken direct from their wage or do employers have to contribute? My calculations I have worked things out on there hourly rate and not taken into account tax, NI..is this the right way to do it???


Any help advice appreciated...my head is going round and round!

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tax is easy..that comes from pay and you send it to tax man...


national insurance is more complicated as you have to take some from the wage and then as an employer you too have to contribute some... don't know the amounts any more but a call to the tax office or your accountant should be able to give you the amounts... unless someone on here has the figures as I know some do the wages for staff so would know..


as both depend on amount of wage they can vary each month... and are not payable until you reach a threshold (which again I am not up to date on) so not on all monies paid either..


who does the wages now.. could they help with the details... if I had the current cd I would help but no longer have one.

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Thanks Inge.


The wages are currently done by a payroll company that only deals with the treasurer who is away on her hols. I was wanting to try and get this spread sheet done before i go away for 4 weeks !!!!

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marley it might be worth doing a business plan which shows full capacity/half capacity and 75% this will show you where your breakeven levels are and how you would tackle low capacity. Some costs will not change (like heating/lighting)but your staff costs should work out at about 70% of your gross income...this could be used to negotiate on your rent for the first couple of years to give you a stable beginning :o

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Thanks for the link that has worked great!


Have done occupancy calc and during term time we are currently running av of 65% occupancy but holidays 21%. So have based my cashflow forecast using these values ie numbers of children, staff and fees received.


Can then alter as you suggest by inc various numbers. Handy to know that 70% of costs should be staff.


Thanks again.


Next step looking into business banking...santander looks the best so far!

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