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Hi everyone!

Does anyone out there keep llamas? We now have two llamas (as of four weeks ago) to keep our goats company, though mainly to protect our chickens from Mr Fox!

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No, but we have a field full near us that I love watching.......however, that said they may be alpacas (I'm afraid I don't know the difference)(but off to google as I now feel ashamed of my lack of knowledge :oxD )




I've looked it up and they are llamas!

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Wish we did have llamas, Devonmaid. One of our chickens was taken by Mr Fox on Sunday!


Grrrrrr. We lost a cockerel and seven hens last summer, leaving us with just one hen. Then bought another two hens to keep her company in the spring and we lost two of the three. A few weeks later we bought another cockerel and five hens and we now have two hens left!

My daughter told us that llamas make excellent guard animals so we now have two! They have settled in well, though we are rather cautious of them and need to overcome this. Just wondered if anyone has any 'tips' on handling llamas.

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