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Help! 1st Ofsted Inspection


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I have my 1st initial OFSTED inspection tomorrow morning! and I'm not sure if i've carried out my risk assessment for my house correctly.


I've put most of the things down in my house as a risk! What I'm unsure about is, do things like windows need to go down on it even if they are always locked same with external doors? Also I have a fire in the lounge but because we have converted our garage into a play room i wont need to use the fire during the day when the children are here so does that still need to go on my risk assessment? Also things like my tv stand and sofa's are they a risk? The only time the lounge, kitchen or stairs will be used is when the children walk through to get to the upstairs toilet.


Help I'm confused!!!!!

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It really looks like you can recognise and assess what a risk is and how to minimise the danger if you write it all down. Yes windows are a risk - a fall from them may cause great harm or they could be an escape or access route. But you minimise the risk by ensuring they are always locked. Ventilation should be taken into account here as well though.


Same goes with the Fireplace. Risk of burning may be high but you use other heating methods when you have minded children. The hearth has been an issue in my home - hard edge - head wound hazard so write that down too.


You should risk assess all the areas children will have access to. My front room wasn't registered space for several years and I didn't risk assess then, but I do now. The stairs are a falling risk but you minimise the risk by using gates and accompanying children when using the loo, or assess the ability of each individual child to manage stairs, and allow them access then. Recently, a ten year old in my care, who will be walking to and from school next year, has been given a 'walking independently pass' by me. I trained safe practice and assessed the child's ability to manage the risk over three weeks, then had parents, the child and myself sign an agreement. When you have five year olds, neither you nor they want to be escorted to the toilet every time.


TV stands could be climbed on and pulled over - crushing risk. I read recently that the highest accident cause is now from flat screen tellies falling off walls!!


Sofa could be a smothering risk to very young children. But you never sleep babies on the sofa (could also roll off) - so you write down how you manage the risk. And older children always want to be climbing on and jumping off them. Never really worked out how to minimise that one without being the Ogre.


This has been very good practice for me as am wasting time I should be reviewing my Risk Assessments for Network Meeting tonight! So thanks for that.


On that note, don't forget to date and write down the review date.


Every best wish,



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