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:o Hi all


Is is just me or does anyone else feel quite sentimental at this time of year.


We finish tomorrow and have already started getting choaked today at the thought of the little cherubs leaving. We have had some of them for nearly 3 years .


I normally spend most of the last day blubbing at some stage! remembering how they have grown and florished. Please tell me im not just being a saddo!

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No, Emmawill it isn't just you.


I've just spent the last couple of hours looking at old photographs for our farewell party next Friday. Whilst the memories are happy ones of triumphs and the everyday miracles that children give us, I am in tears!


Goodness knows what I'll be like next week! :o


Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, and have the tissues to hand!

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Not just you Emmawill. I cried so much on my last day which was also the last day of children I'd known even as twinkles in their parents eye, that my deputy had to do the whole graduation ceremony for me.


I think we get the best years and I always felt honoured to have had the moments I had. I havent had that closeness since I left as staff, but I can still have a lump in my throat remembering some of the little darlings.

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