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HI There

I had my first Ofsted inspection this week and was graded good, however one area - communication was satisfactory. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this and what advice you can offer! A communication book was suggested.

Any advice would be great.... Thanks

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Hi - congratulations on your first post.


I use little notebooks that are written in by Childminder, Parent and myself (Preschool) saying what we've been doing. In one we're currently doing a food diary as he he has digestive problems


look here for threads where I know I've mentioned our KEYPIE notebooks

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we worked very closely with a childminder and what we did as the main carer was share our child profile aand the childminder had a specific colour to highlight with which was shown who was who in the front of the book she then also added her photos, and observations.



Wegave this to her every half term to complete

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Hi! Well done on your Ofsted - a great start!


As a childminder I use daily diaries (A4 hardback books) which travel with the children to home, preschool, school etc. I complete them with information and PoGo photos of activities and events and parents/other carers can add their comments.


I also ask schools to provide me with copies of newsletters so that we can join in with their special events and occasions - sports day etc.


In addition, I've attended open days/parents evenings when the children have asked me to go and see their work (with parents consent) It all builds a link between home, school and myself.


When I was due my Ofsted inspection I did a letter which I gave to parents, schools and pre-school and some (I don't know which!) wrote direct to Ofsted commenting on my practice, which went down very well with my Inspector!


Hope that helps,



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