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Help ! Work Experience Induction !


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we have a work experience studant (from school) in this week, i went to get out an induction checklist for her this am.....and i cant find it !!! tried looking on our pc files...still cant find it !!

im frantically searching online for something i can 'adapt' for a studant who will only be here for 1 week.

if anyone can point me in the direction of an example id be very grateful..ive looked on the resources section, and am trying to adapt that as i type...but any other examples would be fabby !! xx

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This is what we use.

I can't take full credit as I think I may have got the basics from here first anyway.


It is quite old, and does need a bit of 'updating' though (and possibly a bit of spellcheck and grammar checking!!!)


I have a slightly amended copy at work, which includeds about checking childrens correct name spellings before naming work etc.


We also have another sheet - which I can't find at the moment ( and is the reason I came on the computer in the first place, only to be distracted by this forum!) which gives hints about what to do if 'lost' before the session starts .... like sharpening pencils, tidying the art trolley etc.



Now have just had a 'quick read through' I feel I have to justify myself and add .... we are not a 'no sitting on laps' preschool - but we often find with some young WE students they sometimes seem to want to sit and 'cuddle' certain children all day long!!


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