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I just had a letter telling me how much child benefit I will be receiving for my two children, only to find that in September, I will receive none for my 18 year old. :o


Having read the guidelines, it says they receive it until they are 20 if in full time education.


I rang them up to say I hadn't had any paperwork to complete for him and they said 'Oh yes, it is your responsibility to contact us every year to tell us about your child' !!!!!! She's updated his records, but once he is 19 in december I have until 5th March 2012 to inform them again that he will still be education, or I will lose it again! xD


Just thought I would share so that all you other parents don't miss out on getting your child benefit.

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I also recieved a letter for both my girls asking about post 16 plans and whether they were going into higher education, child benefit paid all the time they were in and they also got EMA, I did check this was ok and both departments said it was fine, as the EMA was the childs money to support thier college stuff, they could also have a job whilst at college, and keep the EMA, and they did. :o

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I think child benefit may have been replaced by EMA, which of course has also been discontinued.


No - EMA has not replaced child benefit - that is something else altogether.


As said before I have had a form for my 16 year old but NOT for my 18 year old.


I only wanted to make sure that no one else missed out on child benefit because they assumed (like me) that it continues regardless for 18 year olds :o when in fact you have to contact them.

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