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The phone rang at work today when I was in the office with someone else speaking to our manager, I was nearest, so answered the phone knowing it was a withheld number.


Lady asks for manager by her first name, I say she's speaking to someone at the moment, can I help or take a message?


It's from something business directory about our account.

'Oh, something business directory',I say (thinking not another dodgy scammy company promsiing to put our details allover the web & insinutating we've already agreed to it), 'you're new to us aren't you?'

'Yes' says the lady, 'We put your details on the internet so when people put in the search words you come up to get you more business.'


I explain that now we're a limited company, all decisions have to be make by all the directors, if she give me the details I can discuss it with the other directors & that manager's name deals with admissions now not financial stuff. If she wants to give me the details, I can discuss it with the other directors so we can make a desicion.


She gets annoyed with me, and inists she needs to speak to manager's name, I repeat that manager's name deals with admssions - if she wants to talk about spaces for her child or to change her child's spaces, manager's name is the right person, otherwise, she needs a director & I'm one so why not speak to me?


Now getting more irate, she says 'I need to speak to manager's name, it's her account.'

'No', I say, 'You said yourself this was the first time you've contacted us - how can it be her account? You need to speak to me or another director about it.'

'I see what you're doing,' she says, quite viciously, and slams the phone down!


Gosh, if you're going to phone up & try to scam children out of the money for new toys and notoriously poorly paid staff out of any chance of a pay rise, at least keep track of what you're saying!

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Golly - well done for keeping your cool!

I had one a few years back that said she could get our Preschool be the first on the list if anyone searched their (well known) directory for Preschools in our area, we already had their free space, but why not pay some more spondoolix and get this first space! I kept her talking whilst son did a search of their site putting in the criteria she mentioned and we were the ONLY one listed. So after she'd prattled on a bit, I told her that and she put the phone down!


Wondered afterwards though, if there WERE several in our area and she rang them all - how could we all be 'first'?

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