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Guest colechin

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Guest colechin

Hi all, we have a problem with a parent at our Nursery. We have been informed to put together an 'Unacceptable Behaviour Policy' for parents/visitors and was wondering if anyone out there already has one that we could tweak.


The children are lovely but the parent has been spreading very bad things which are completely untrue about a member of staff, now myself and the nursery in general. The parent has upset a lot of other people on the way too. All they are saying is untrue and this can be backed up by lots of other professional bodies who, haven't supported in a certain area and now the parent will not have anything to do with them.


We have informed Ofsted and other agencies who understand why we are putting this policy in force, which will lead to the parent being asked to leave the nursery if they continue in this fashion.


It would help if my nursery was able to see other policies, but if not we will proceed to raise one over the following week.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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Guest Spiral

It's not one of my parents is it? The one that comes back every year in disguise?


Seriously though, I have been there and there had been undiagnosed mental health issues with one of the worst ones. It's awaful, but as soon as their reputation spreads you can relax a little as people won't believe them.


It is a hard policy to write and we haven't managed it yet either, however, before you proceed, do check you LEA's policy on children/funding and removal of children . In our LEA, we aren't allowed to ask any child to leave once they have received funding. However, there have been rules that we have in place which stae that if the parent is consistently creating tensions with the staff/parents etc, we will have the child collected from the school gate by a member of staff (or two to be safe) and the parent wouldn't be allowed onto the school site.


Please do let us know if you manage to write it,

best of luck,


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Guest colechin

Thank you for your reply. The child is still only 2 but turns 3 in July.


I have now spoken to Hempsalls and it was them who said put together this policy. (I now have the committee meeting up with Hempsalls next week to draft one) Once the policy has been raised, I will post it on here for others to use.


I have also spoken to Ofsted explaining why we feel that we need to put this policy in place. They were very understanding and put it all on my records.


Hempsalls said that once the policy is raised, we need to send it out to all the parents making them aware of it. In the mean time I need to raise a letter to the parent explaining where I think everything has been left at and ask her to confirm that all is correct.


I also need to put an incident list together for example What was said, what happened next, etc


Then if the parent continues, we are then in a position to dismiss then from the nursery.

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At a recent Managers Forum we were advised to have a sign up in the setting similar to the ones in hospitals and doctors surgeries - saying abuse etc will not be tolerated - I think it is awful that this should even thought to be needed but after a very snotty parent today you have my sympathies - I would certainly look at adopting a similar policy if anyone comes up with one.

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  • 5 months later...

Here is my first attempt -


Parent/Carer Acceptable Behaviour Policy


We promise to treat everyone with politeness and respect at all times. In return, we expect our staff to be treated politely and with respect.


We always provide a listening ear. We welcome your comments and suggestions and promise to take your views and any concerns seriously. Issues or problems are dealt with under the terms of our complaints procedure.


If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, we will deal with your grievance in a friendly, supportive and calm manner.


Abusive, offensive or threatening behaviour or language that could cause distress to users of our premises, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


We will:

• Tell you if your behaviour or language is unacceptable.

• Ask you politely to change or stop it.

• Ask you to leave the setting, if the behaviour continues.

• In extreme cases, contact the police if your behaviour threatens the safety and welfare of our staff or other users of the premises.

• Reserve the right to exclude from the setting, any individual carer/parent who refuses to abide by this code of acceptable behaviour.

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