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Guest lou73

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Guest lou73

Hi Everyone.

I have an interview later this week (Thursday) for a FS1 job which would i would love.....so I have been asked to read a story and a follow up activity and so after much thought i have settled on 'Dear Zoo'. The activity is sorted, show children small world animals from the story and match up with labels through initial sounds, with support. We will then read story and then draw in crate shaped paper the animal which we would most like as a pet. I will then model how to fill in a letter with just the animal name we would like with opportunity to extend high flyers by saying why we would like this animal.


I want to create a topic map to show how we could extend this idea to other areas of learning as well.....so here are my ideas and if anyone else can input I would be extremely grateful



using language relating to size (large, big, small, long, wide etc)

Looking at animal patterns

Ordinal numbers (first, second, third)

Counting animals

sequencing animals as they appear in the book.

Animal snap - matching picture



Making animal houses from recycled materials

Learning about different animals, facts, where they live etc



Painting animals / printing patterns

making animal shaped biscuits

Role play vets, zoo, animal shelter

Small world zoo, jungle, arctic scene etc

making animal masks of animals seen in the story

Playdough animals



Singing- i'm going to the Zoo tomorrow, animal fair, animal hokey cokey,

Reading related stories

discuss animals and would they make a good pet and why?

Make our own Zoo story using different animals

Play games such as guess the animal from clues



Learning about how to care for different animals, What do animals need.

Acting out some of the adjectives used to described the animal - fierce, scary,



Moving to music like animals in the story




Any ideas would be great Thanks :o

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Hi lou73, it looks like you have put a lot of thinking into your interview lesson, so I wanted to wish you good luck.

My only addition would be that you think about how you are going to organise the session (eg moving into groups, or is it a whole group etc), and making sure you have your resources ready and organised. (Im sure you have all this in hand already)


Let us know how it goes.

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Guest lou73

Thanks :) I will be teaching a small group of six children.....resources all ready. Bless, my husband went all around our local town today trying to buy a plastic small world camel for me, as this was the only animal I did not have to hand, thankfully he got me a lovely one after going to at least three shops!!!! So big clap for him. Yes, i'm all ready and will let you know.....fingers crossed as well as everything else. Trying not to think about it as i tend to get a bit hyper when nervous or excited!!!! Am adopting the view that what will be will be. X

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