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Nursery Nurse Interview


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Hi Everyone,


So i have been called back on Tuesday 17th May to plan and delivery an activity.


All i have been told is i can choose any topic/theme i like - as they want to see how i can respond to the children/setting.


I did spend the whole day there on friday - from my view the children are quite active and love to play espescially outside.


I have no idea what area/theme to go into and what kind of activity to prepare.


it should be from 15-25mins long. the plan should be quite detailed, learning objectives, how i will introduce the activty to the children, how i will assess them, what tragets/interests can this activity meet, questions that can support childrens learning... etc etc


I have just finished my course, so i am still new to all this and iv never planned anything by myself.(Always has help from thr team)


I would love peoples ideas, opinions and hey even filled in plans.


I really really need the job as i need to pay for my course, so please please help as much as you can.


i would be very grateful :D


thanks in advance




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Is there any area you are passionate about and would find familiar to use... a story or book you love to read which can be used as a starting point for activities...or did you see something on the visit to extend for the children.. something they were particularly interested in or liked doing..


outside play I loved to use something like the bear hunt.. read story.. get them to interact with it.. retell it.. add own ideas... then outside to play and act the story out ... lots of gooey pretend mud grass etc.. run from the bear all end up under a blanket o something.. perhaps a parachute / sheet... with a calm down at the end... which was always needed...


I am sure you could work out all the learning objectives etc... and asked why the choice which they may do.. because you observed xxx on your visit and thought it may interest the children.

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If you have done team planning before then do you have a template you can use to base your activity on? It is much easier to plan using a system you're familiar and reasonably confident with than to try and adapt someone else's.


When you were with the children last week did you observe any interests or themes that are emerging in their play? Or perhaps one aspect of their play that you could base an activity around? If it were me I would go with something I've done before and was confident to do again. Play to your own strengths!

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thanks for the replies


I asked the Early years manger today and she said right now were concentrating on Eating healthy.


I have about 20mins to do the activity - with both nursery and reception children :/


Any suggestions.. i really dont know what to do.


the children enjoy being outside- so are there any outdoor activites that involve healty eating concepts?




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okay so iv found an activity to do with healthy eating.


doing a powerpoint slideshow about healthy eating.

and then an activity 'healthy lunchboxes'


the children have to sort out what food is healthy and which is unhealthy and there are two lunchboxes to put it into.


is this appropriate for nursery and reception children?


This may sound abit silly, but iv never planned in this area before (espically not alone and this is the setting planning sheet- not used to it )so i need help in what to write on the plan sheet:


Learning objectives:


How will you introduce the activity:

how will you assess the children:

childrens interest that this activity could meet:

questions that support children learning:



Please please help..

my interview has been changed to tommorow afternoon now :/




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