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The Benefits Of Gardening


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Hi there are lots of research articles if you google regarding this topic, personally a respect for nature and the world we live in. The satisfaction of producing something you can then eat. Fresh air in a open space springs to my mind and the sense of well-being.

Good luck with your research. :o

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Hello SJ


I could go on forever about the benefits of this, not just in terms of the things mentioned already by bridger , but also in terms of the links with all areas of learning. I notice you are from Hong Kong, so I don't know what curriculum you follow, but whatever it is, gardening will link to most of them eg understanding the world around us, caring for plants; not to mention patience, observations skills, language; comparisons, woring together, developing use of tools and equipment; the list really is endless.





There are quite a few research papers on the growing schools website, although many of them were around older children, many of the principles apply to younger children too.

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The DfES has a pack that you can order, it's called 'get your hands dirty', it's more of an audit tool but it has lots of information in there that may help.


The Nature Detectives web site may be a good place to look too?



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Great, Thanks. We are following the EYFS and do have our own vegetable patch which is going very well - at the moment :o Just wanted some research to quote from for the non believers - thanks I will check out these links. SJ

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