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I have just started at a new school and have some plans for the outside area which involve tyres. My new head has said that it's fine but did I need a risk assessment for them in case the children got rubber or anything else on them.

We used them at my previous school without any issues or risk assessment and I've seen them for sale in the catalogues so don't know what to do.


Do any of you have any ideas about whether I should have one or if so where I could find one?


I've only been there 2 weeks and don't what to make a mistake esp as I have full moderation next week!!!





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I have a general risk assessment for outdoor which has all resources like tyres, planks, crates etc on. I don't think there is a major risk from having tyres in your setting, I've not had any issues with them. x

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Place to get them is a local tyre replacement place.. they have to pay to dispose of them so are happy for people to take them for free - ours offered to deliver a truck load if we wanted them!! we just gave them a good scrub and never had an issue with amy marks etc form them.


as to risk assess.. ours too was a general outdoor one to include all outside.. cannot see any particular risk form them.. perhaps ask what risks specifically they wants you to address apart from 'get rubber on them' which we never had in 10 years and wonder how they could as they are a solid structure.. and it is not like they are being used at a speed where the rubber would come off (or are they going to be used at 70mph!)

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