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Barnadoes Big Toddle


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I have just recieved a pack through the post for the Barnadoes Big Toddle and was just wondering if any other settings were getting involved in this event.


Our setting are doing it on Thursday 2nd June and then having a teddy bears picnic on the cricket field that we are toddling round!


Just wondering if anybody else is holding an event and how they are planning to go about it., are you getting extra help? and inviting other children who do not attend on that day.


Thanks for your help




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hello lynathome,


we are doing it as a last day of term toddle and picnic more or less same as you. normally we have a funday on this day with all children invited and luckily have staff:child ratio ok so do not need xtra help. however we are thinking of inviting parents to help participate if they want to, as they have to join in picnic, bringing their own food for them and children.


the parents really enjoyed the "lunch on the lawn" last year and requested it so we thought we would include this for good fun!!


love kizzy :o

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Hi there!


We do it every year - the children always enjoy it, and the staff get to wear fancy dress!!!


We have used our share of the proceeds to buy large 'whole Nursery' items we might not otherwise be able to easily afford from our budget.


Will post agian when we get our plans finalised - if I remember!!!!!


Sue :o

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Hi Lynathome

We have toddled for about 7 years now-and enjoy it every time! We have been lucky not to get rained on ever! We walk the children to the front of church to the garden, walk around the grassed area six times and then back. We usually finish off with refreshments. I received my info pack a couple of weeks ago and hope to do the toddle after the half term holiday. We always invite all the children in on that morning but just for the toddle and refreshments. So we don't have a problem with numbers as parents have to stay and we ask parents to join us anyway, either to walk with us or just watch. We usually start it as soon as all the children have arrived, so about 9.30.

Our best amount was £970ish, but that was when we did afternoon sessions as well. We have used our money towards a new sand tray, water play, climbing frame, digital camera, computer and this year we have spent it in anticipation-bit naughty I know but I'm sure we will do ok-and have bought some room dividers for our language and literacy area.

I love this event because the children are helping others who are not so lucky and having a good time doing it.



PS Steve-thanks for the "young"!!!!

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We too do this every year. For the children 2+ we set up approx 10 activities (obstacle race, lucky dip [finding objects in the sand], relay races, member of staff in the stocks [using wet sponges ~ always a hit with dads!], a refreshment stop etc) and we blow a whistle every ten mins or so and each group of children move on to the next activity. We set up a fun station for the younger ones including ball pools and soft play and they just mill around in there for the afternoon. We always hold the event on a Fri pm (being a DN this is our quietest time) We invite all children, but the parents are responsible for the children who do not usually attend at this time. Most parents of children that are booked in generally attend anyway. Last year we made just over £2000 in total (we are 90 place) and like Sue it helps to buy 'big' nursery items that normally we couldn't afford.

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