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Mini Beast Ideas For Literacy


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Im very new to this so im sorry if this makes no sense! I have taken some great ideas from the forum for the last year but never actually posted!


Im doing my NQT year in FS2 and next week I am being observed by my head so I am pretty nervous to say the least!


Our theme is 'Minibeasts', we start it on Monday and my obs is on the Wednesday.....I am really struggling to creat a fun, exciting lesson for the children. Well infact i had one totally planned out...minibeast detectives and going on a hunt but after further inspection our grounds are so dry there are no minibeasts anywhere!!!


I can do the lesson in any area of the curriculum but thinking literacy will be a simple one, I really want a WOW inout followed my group activity but my mind is totally blank!!! Usually I am quite creative but nope not today!!!lol Can anyone help me please????


Thank you :o



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Firstly welcome to the forum :o


Secondly ideas ..... when hunting for ideas try using the 'Search Forum Posts' button top right hand corner of the screen, this can be useful to find related topics as often a subject has been discussed before.


Other places to look for topic related ideas are;


From Blue Navigation box left hand side of screen - Resources - Topic Support - Minibeasts


And there is a dedicated forum area for topic support, find it here Topics and Activities ideas Subforums and in there is a subforum called....yes you guessed Minibeasts xD


So while you are waiting for people to come back with some suggestions you might like to have a read through some of this stuff.


Hope that helps and that the observation goes really well, do come back and let us know how you got on.


Best wishes


Admin Team

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For our literacy yesterday we made a lift the flap type book for our mini-beast based literacy. We read Wibbley Pigs garden the day before so thats where it came from. The children made a leaf/stone/soil/log out of paper (scissor skills) and attached it to a piece of A4 with sellotape with a dispenser (very popular at the moment :o ) to make the flap. Under they drew a mini-beast of their choice and then wrote a phrase with varying degrees of support. Its made a lovely class book.

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Awww the flap book sounds lovely....Ive not done that book before, what is it about? If you dont mind would you explain what you did in your main input for that?

I think im stressing more about the input then the groups because I have 30 kids so I find it limiting to do exciting hands on things as there is not a lot of room and a lot of kids to involve.....I much prefer our little groups....the children can really become involved!

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This is the book which was a child's choice to read out of our topic story box at storytime.Currently our 'topic' is "Round and round our garden..." .Last week we were doing a growing route but after the rain and the arrival of worms, slugs and snails in our parched garden this week mini-beasts are the in thing. They loved the flaps and guessing what the mini-beast it could be.


Wibbley pigs garden


The starting input the next day we had on the carpet plant pot, piece of bark, grass mat, bucket and other bits taken from our garden centre. Under each we hid a plastic minibeast to discover on lifting and identify. We matched word cards using our class phonic knowledge with item and mini-beast. These were then used by the children when making their own sentences. "Under a stone I found....a worm" " I like ...ladybirds" Childrens own sentences so they varied on the theme. Mixed ability as the writing and flap picture were free choice activity so children were scafffolded according to needs. Class of 30 reception for main carpet input which we always deliver in a circle and then free flow with one table offering followup writing activity. It did attract more boys then some literacy activities :o

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Oh I love that idea - thank you - I too will be observed in a couple of weeks and our topic will be Mini-beasts- might just steal that one!

Thanks again

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