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Hi all,

I have been teaching for ten years and currently manage 10 staff. I work with 3 to 5 year olds and have no experience with younger children personally. I would like to explore the possibilty of setting up a private nursery but do not know where to start or avenues to explore. Could anybody point me in the right direction. I think I would like to offer 0-5 care. Any info on approximate fees that are charged, how are you payed for free childcare places, rates of pay for key workers and managers, how many rooms would be needed and staff etc etc.

Thank you


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your first step is to ask your LA about sufficiency in the area, then you need to contact all the daycare in the area and find out about fees etc so that you can be competitive :o

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Guest Spiral

Certainly agree with Hali. Also contact your local County Council as the Early Years dept will be able to advise you. Do look into getting a qualification too - this will be a must if you wish to run it. Best of luck Spiral x

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I am also looking at opening a day nursery, currently we are running from a rented all for 2 to 4 year olds, term time only.

I had a chap come and give me a quote for modular building and we are looking at something between £150,000 to £200,000 - gulp! Add on ground works, utilities to be connected etc!!!! Also looking at a 'log cabin' style which I believe will be a lot cheaper.


Not sure what other avenues to explore now. I'm still looking for land, a building or a suitable house but everytime I find something, it turns out not possible. I'm now going to approach a big company of builders who are eco friendly and want to be seen to be helping the commuity. There is also a new school going to be opened where all the building is going on so fingers crossed we may get somewhere that way.


I really got my hopes up for a plot and was so disappointed it fell through. I have such a vision about the type of nursery I want to run and reall want to get going with it. I have no doubts it would be successful, there is a demand for 0-2 places in our area.


Unfortunately I'm not a millionaire and I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever happen :o

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