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At my setting we are paid monthly for the hours worked, so in months where there has been holiday it can sometimes be a bit thin. The recent rise in the NI threshold will mean that one member does not always pay any NI. My understanding is that if she is on sick leave during a month when no NI was paid the month before there is no entitlement to sick pay (we only get statutory SP). Is this correct or is the entitlment spread over a longer period than just the previous month.

Can any one point me to a website to clarify.


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I always used the calculator on the site for sick pay.. it walks you through and calculates if a payment is due think it works on pay over the last 12 weeks not a month so I always said I was paying nat ins so I could fill in the complete form.. otherwise it says none due... i printed them off and put them with persons file for pay so I could look back and check.


national Insurance SICK PAY CALCULATOR


and dont forget you can recover some if not all of the payment back from HRMC so does not cost the setting too much ... the calculator for that is also on the page I have given.


I think it was also in the CDRom they sent but not had one for a few years now so that may have changed..

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