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Oh dear, have completely forgotten and there is little hope for me - I am looking to revamp our application form, can anyone help? Are we allowed to ask any health questions any more, i.e. Are you currently taking any medication?, In the past 5 years have you had any medical conditions other than minor illnesses such as colds?


If we can't, can we ask any newly acquired staff to complete a Health Declaration once they have been hired?

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you can't automatically ask all potential applicants to complete a medical form any more - only the applicant you select after you have gone through the process . Eevn then be careful because if you then turn somebody down on medical grounds without justification then you could end up at a tribunal for discrimination ! :o

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So........ application form has no medical questions on it. After candidates are interviewed and job is offered, we can then ask that person to complete a medical disclosure, but can't make it a conditional offer upon their medical status?

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So someone could apply knowing they aren't fit for the job and we aren't allowed to ask

- where do we stand if they aren't then fit for the job??



Well, I suppose that must then come down to how the job is advertised or, when applicants make the initial approach, we tell them exactly how much physical work involved there is, and how mentally alert they need to be, make sure we emphasise how much of the work takes place outside, so that they can decided for themselves whether they would be up to it or not?

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