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Lovely ladies! I need a quote about why comfort items ( muzzies/dummies etc) are a good thing...... I have already put about how they help children settle and feel secure, but just need something I can actually reference.Can you help please?

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Winnicott, D.W. (1953). Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena—A Study of the Fir... Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 34:89-97.






It is well known that infants as soon as they are born tend to use fist, fingers, thumbs in stimulation of the oral erotogenic zone, in satisfaction of the instincts at that zone, and also in quiet union. It is also well known that after a few months infants of either sex become fond of playing with dolls, and that most mothers allow their infants some special object and expect them to become, as it were, addicted to such objects.


There is a relationship between these two sets of phenomena that are separated by a time interval, and a study of the development from the earlier into the later can be profitable, and can make use of important clinical material that has been somewhat neglected.


The First Possession


Those who happen to be in close touch with mothers' interests and problems will be already aware of the very rich patterns ordinarily displayed by babies in their use of the first not-me possession. These patterns, being displayed, can be subjected to direct ob


[This is a summary or excerpt from the full text of the book or article. The full text of the document is available to subscribers.]


Couldn't access whole article :o

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Following a line of argument that began with the recognition that goods are building blocks of life-worlds, we have suggested, as have others, that they can be further understood as constituents of self-hood, of social identity. From this point of view, the practice of identity encompasses a practice of consumption and even production.

(Friedman, 1990:327)


Friedman, J. (1990) Being in the world: Globalization and Localization. In M. Featherstone (ed) Global Culture: Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity. (pp311-28). London: Sage.


Got it,


check out this link! And thank you for giving me a break from researching reflective pratice :o



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"3.9 Evidence on neurological development shows how babies build connections in their

brain which enable the development of speech and language, self-confidence and

good relationships with other children and adults. Research shows that children who

are safe and happy and developing well are better able to relate to other children

and adults, feel comfortable in their environments, and do well at school and in life

more generally. It is imperative that children’s healthy development in their first

years of life is supported."


In Claire Tickell's report The Early Years Foundations for Life, Health and Learning

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