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Hi, could anyone help me with these questions please


Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual's rights


Describe how to manage risks associated with conflicts or dilemmas between an individual’s rights and the duty of care




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I gather you mean with children and not staff. If so think of the conflicts that would arise between children of diferents ages and think of how you would deal with each. I would take at least 3 different ages of early years infants then junior and then senior. each age will have a different type of conflict from just a simple squabble of children for toys to to teenagers have a rela argument about their Ipods. once you have the "conflicts " in your mind then you will be able to answer the other parts of the duty of care and the risks associated with each.

I gather that the age range is from birth to 19 good luck i'm sure others will be on to give you some other ideas as well.

Welcome to the forum by the way



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Guest lou73


You may want to think possibly about the needs and rights of perhaps disabled children or children with SEN and how to deal sensitely with their needs and support them, as how you might deal with a situation in their case may be slightly different to a child with out additional needs.


lou X

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a member of our staff is having a problem with CYP Core 3.3


1.2 explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people - is this about things we do to keep children safe for example ensuring CRB checks for staff, premises are secure, everything is clean and safe, doing risk assessments etc - as well as watching for signs of abuse/neglect?


1.3 Analyse how national and local guideline, policies and procedures for safeguarding affect day to day work with children - what does she need to look for here?


1.4 explain when and why inquiries and serious case reviews are required and how the sharing of the findings informs practice


i thought that a serious case review is required when a child dies and if abuse and/or neglect is suspected. if a child is seriously injured or has been seriously sexually assaulted. The cases are reviewed to that all areas and aspects can be improved throughout. Any other thoughts - am i going along the right track with this one??

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I have 2 staff currently doing this level 3 - I completed mine over a year ago and boy how much has changed- mine was much more work based and my tutor observed and asked a lot of questions - now it seems there is nothing but written work - i personally feel that tutors should be assisiting more . i explained to the tutor that all this academic work is not necessarily meaning they are learning as much, as they are not able to question or be questioned on their practice - what do you think ?? Both of the girls had to do several entry tests and one who has already has plenty of IT certificates has been asked/told she needs to do another it test !?

I have already spoken to tutor to request she sees the girls individually as It is only fair after all the money they have paid that they get individual attention not just lumped together to make tutor life easier - sorry know i sound a bit moany- will get off soap box now :rolleyes:

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