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Tuff Trays In Reception


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I'm really keen to use my Tuff Tray well in Reception. We did a fantastic ice investigation in it during Climate Change week - the children were really involved and excited... But... when asked if I always put exciting things in the tray one of the children said "not all the time"! So, I could really do with some ideas if anyone has anything? From basic to inspiratonal - all ideas will be more than welcome


Thanks! :D

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I should think making volcanoes might be a little exciting. Whilst I haven't done it myself, I understand that the children construct the volcano using paper mache or playdough, and inside the volcano you put a cup with vinegar, you then add a spoonful of bicarb and watch the volcanoe erupt. The recipe is easily found on google, although it has been mentioned on here several times so if you did a search I'm sure you would find it. Just go to the blue oval shape at the top of the page on the right hand side and click it and fill in the info you want to know. There would also be short videos on youtube which would give you an idea.


BTW, welcome to the forum.

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ok some of our favourites

marble painting

blow football

gravel/stones and grit with diggers dumpers

pond life (small amount of water and frogs/lily pads etc

artic adventure ...mountain of cornflour surrounded by ice and suitable animals...as the ice melts it turns to ublick

compost mountain with grass seeds and dinosaurs...grows over the week !

foil painting ...foil on the bottom and ready mix paint ...let your fingers do the walking and then take prints

large paper and mark making tools

etc etc etc! in fact i could write a book!

is there anything in particular you want to target in their learning?

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