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Interview For Supervisor Of A Pre-school


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hi, i'm new to the forum. i have an interview for the position of supervisor at a lovely village pre-school. i passed my nvq 3 recently and have worked for 3 years as an assistant. i was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on what sort of questions i will be asked in the interview as a member of the pre-school learning alliance will be there to interview me aswell!! thanks Kate

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look at your job decsription and use that as a basis of what you should know and be able to answer questions on...


other things could be



equal opps

child protection

involving parents

adults role in promoting child development

behaviour management


experience in managing others

what can you give to the setting

how do you want to develop your skills.. help others develop skills

areas particularly interested in

role of Ofsted


and maybe something about what you do outside work, hobbies etc..


and plenty more..


they could also ask you to interact with the children for a while or come back with an activity.. we used to always see potential staff working with the children before offering a job..

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one area that will be covered and in depth will be sfaeguarding - so need to look into how you would deal with concerns/worries about a child

deal with outside agencies

how you ensure the children are safe in your care etc

a big area at the moment so think the pla will definitely ask some questions in the area.

another area is staffing issues - how would you deal with disputes/ conflicts etc

good luck


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Inclusion and SEN - and early identification

Safeguarding is a definite, including watching out for adult, i.e. staff, behaviours that may be concerning (it may be worth looking at the safeguarding section in the EYFS review, which should not take long)


Good luck with the interview


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Guest Spiral

Welcome, welcome,


I think you could be asked anything, Safeguarding is a favourite as is discipline within a staff team, but if you go in smiling and ask questions too, I'm sure your enthusiasm will shine.


If asked about something you aren't sure about, consider what you would really do - phone the PLA for advice, speak to the local authority, find out from the govt websites and advice lines, involve the committee etc.


Very best of luck,


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