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Could anyone please send me the short term planning they use at their nursery?


I have to plan for a week for the continous provisions etc for university however the short term planning we use at my nursery is well.....not good.



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Guest jane707

Short term planning should follow children's interests and learning styles so you can't write it more than a day or so in advance.


You observe the children and you reflect on how you can support the next steps in their learning and development using the continuous provision resources at your disposal.


So John is interested in cars and you add some car books to the box... Jane is following an enveloping (wrapping things up) schema and you make a tent or den for her to wrap herself in.


Similarly if you are following a theme or topic with the children your short term planning will reflect how the children are currently learning.


So Jack is really into making models and your theme is looking at the changes to trees in spring... you could make some trees with Jack using clay or green playdough.


Hth :o

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