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Hi every one


I have been working with my assignment and lucky only have two more to do before the 6th. I am really stuck on one unit though. I wanted to take my time putting together my planning sheets to make sure they work best for me but I have an assignment which askes ' Plan an enjoyable and challenging learning enviroment in the home that includes using every day domestic routines and house hold items'.


My thoughts were to write a weekly plan, daily and a play policy which show use of treasure baskets and children input with washing hand etc and wahing up in the water tray?




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Sorting the laundry into colours, piles, putting the washing in the machine, filling the dispenser or putting the tablets in, switching it on, and taking it out pegging it on the line, when its dry folding, pairing socks. lots of PSRN, there. :o

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Oh thank you very handy idea I used this and added it to thefocus sheet out of the rsources section.

Thanks again

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Sounds like some good suggestions going on.


Also remember though that planning for the under 3's needs to be very loose and not too structured or thought out due to the child's age and stage of development and child's interests.


Why not think about doing a continuous provision plan - with items suggested, you set the scene with the items.


Washing up bowls, brooms/mops can be great (you can get child sized ones) to use outdoors with water (and indoors if you are brave).


Using sponges, scrubbing brushes, pastry brushes, toothbrushes, pots, pans, whisks, cushions.


The easiest thing to do is to make an audit of what you have in each of your rooms that you use within the house. Then sit down and think about how you could use them differently.


For example I have some pastry brushes, tooth brushes, nail brush. I put them by some paint. I sat next to a 2 year old - did not give instruction. but began to pain on my own paper. I made sounds of whoosh as my pastry brush rolled against the paper. I said "Up Down" to put into words my actions. The child without my direction - watched me then decided to pick up another brush and imitated - and then experimented on his own.


Sometimes I just set the scene and do not role model and watch where their imagination/exploration takes them and on occasion then step in with words to describe actions.

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