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Anyone doing anything different apart from easter nests etc. Plus any good ideas anyone used for a literacy focus - just need a bit of a change for the last week.

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Guest tinkerbell

The festivals DVD Easter is a good starting point for giving the children ideas for what they would like to do for Easter.The teacher writes a poem about Easter using the senses to write each line and the children choose what they like to see,hear,taste,touch etc



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Palm Tree parade with children taking turn to be the king on the donkey: "We have a king who rides a donkey and his name is Jesus". The rest of the class use their branches to welcome him into town. Make palm trees out of newspaper. Lay 3 pieces of newspaper on the floor. Roll them up and tape them. Cut up one end in 4 places. Put finger in the “cut end” and hold one piece. Pull other end.

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In the past have;


cut out & decorated egg shapes to make cards/pictures


egg hunt - indoors hidden pictures of eggs all around the setting


chocolate nests - like rice crispie/cornflake cakes but use big shredded wheat as they look more like twigs and put mini eggs in the nests


planted daffodil bulbs....bit late now maybe


spring pictures / blossom / tulips / daffodil pics.....use egg box bottoms to make trumpet of daffodil


Easter bunny pics / role play - make bunny ears / rabbit hats - basket and cardboard/plastic eggs to collect and deliver....extend by putting numbers on and deliver to numbered doors etc


have hot cross buns for snack time




Oh and a few Easter threads in here


Hope some of that helps

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