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I've been studying the area of information sharing for my Foundation Degree and I'm a bit confused!


I've had no training on CAF and while my supervisor has, I've not really received any feedback so don't really understand it all -and I feel that I should so some personal training might be in order!


At the pre-school where I work we have a child who was causing some concern, the health visitor was concerned about daily needs being met, general safety in the house, and how the child was being supported developmentally.... she visited us and observed the child, and we shared information, things improved and the child is happy, developing and usually seems well cared for... many of the issues were related more to parental knowledge and education rather than a deliberate act of neglect or maltreatment...


My question really is whether it is necessary or appropriate to send on all the knowledge to the school she is starting at in September (we are based on the same site) - and whether a CAF would be the appropriate tool to do this.....


I feel that the school should know the history, there might not be a need for intervention at the moment, but if this recurs in the future then the infomration I have might be vital - and would certainly speed up any action as a result of any concerns...


I hope this all makes sense! Can anyone help me sort out my thoughts?


Thank you!

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It all makes, sense, and I am sure we would all find ourselves in a similar position at some point - i.e. whether to share info or not. The information you have is confidential, so you would need consent from the parent to share it with the school. Not sure that a CAF would be the right sort of vehicle for this as this is really for on-going cases where one or more agencies are involved in seeing that the needs of the child and family are being met.


It would appear to me that you are in a grey area here. Should difficulties blow up again, would the Health Visitor still be in a position to voice her concerns to school? If so, then it is probably the H.V. who informs the school of the past actions taken. If you have permission from the parent to talk to the Health Visitor, then I would voice your concerns to her and see what she says.

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Whether to share or not does really depend on your view of the situation now. Do you feel that enough input has been put in to sufficiently resolve the situation, therefore have no concerns now. If so, then there is no need to share. If the school goes on to have concerns, they can ask for information from you about your past experience. (Keep good records!) If the Health Visitor still has concerns, she can pass these on to the School Nurse.


However, if you still have concerns, then it would be good practice to share, but with the full consent and preferably involvement of the parent involved.


How about inviting the school and the parents to a transition planning meeting, if you are concerned about the child's well being at school? This would help highlight any concerns you may have but also help the child's parent in preparing for the change to come. It is always best to share with full involvement where possible.

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There's lots of information and advice about the CAF, the pre-CAF assessment and information sharing here... http://www.education.gov.uk/search/results?q=caf


There's a flow chart to use to decide when/if it's appropriate to share and the basic rule is IF you decide to share or not share your reasoning and decision MUST be recorded in writing, dtaed and signed.


I was involved with as CAF last year and found the site really useful... I went on to use it for a case study for my 2nd year FD.




quick edit to add that the CAF is voluntary, the parents have to agree to it, but there are lafelets available explaining the benefits and process to them

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Guest Spiral

Hi there,


just a quick addition; you would have to involve the parent and have their consent to complete a CAF as well. Also, parents can pull out at any period and stop the sharing of info.


Maybe share your thoughts with your superior and sow the seed - it could be that they are very good at keeping everything close to their chest and are already making progress (or not)?


Best of luck,

Spiral :-)

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A CAf would not now be appropriate because the problems are now sorted and outcomes for the child improved if there should be more problems and the child is failing to reach their potential then there may be a need to raise a CAF

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