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Employee Handbook Ideas


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We don't currently have an Employee Handbook and I feel it would be a good idea to have one.


Does anyone have one? If so what do you have in it?


Hours of Work

Who is Who

Ethos of Setting

Dress Code

Who to call if sick

Policies - Disciplinary, Grievance, Safeguarding, Whistle Blowing, Inclusion


What else??

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erm... i think you've pretty much got it covered there.

You could maybe have a list of staff and their roles too.

I think I've got a copy of our staff handbook upstairs, I'll go and have a look and let you know...

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Ok, I've found it and there's a lot of information in it (the contents are 3 pages long!) but i suspect that yours doesn't need to be as detailed! I work in an SEN school with about 100 staff including medical staff, speech therapists etc so ours probably needs to cover a lot more than yours. I'll go through the contents and list the things that I think you might want to include:


Staff attendance advise (e.g. when you need to get a sick note etc.)

Accident and illness (what to do if the children are hurt or ill)

Behaviour policy

Confidentiality policy

Contact with parents/ carers (do they need to make an appointment etc)

Electrical resources (all should be PAT tested, so don't bring your own in)

Fire safety and emergency evacuation routine

Internet/ E-safety policy

Mobile phones?

Collecting money (does it have to come in an envelope? Is one person responsible for collecting it?)


Performance Management?

Photocopying (instructions and rules!)

Site plan

smoking (including if a visitor is seen smoking on the grounds they should be respectfully asked not to)


Sorry I've just realised that you already had staff roles on your list!


You don't need to put all the policies in the handbook, just put where they can be found.

hope this is helpful...

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