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Anyone Any Current Experience Of Setting Up A Playgroup?


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Hi does anyone have any recent experience of setting up a playgroup?


I am seriously considering it, I know a group of parents petitioning to get the council to open one and they have potential premises lined up.


Would really appreciate if anyone is able to help with some questions I have and if they coud pm me please.


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I am in the process of opening a playgroup- just waiting for ofsted to come and do their suitable person interview and look at the setting.

I would be happy to try and answer any questions you have.

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We opened September 2010 as a pack away setting in a community centre, the major issue for us was gaining funding as you need to set up with lots of resources and furniture before any children pay fees. We also had to wait two months before we were able to receive Early Years Free Entitlement as council had requirements which meant viewing our setting while children were at the setting.


We set up as a social enterprise but we had to put there own personal money in as loans for many of the costs such as resources and furniture.


We have been very lucky as we have received many donations of toys, books and paper from local schools, groups and individuals.


I would encourage anyone to set up a pre school but make sure there is a real need for a pre school. I would also make a good budget as you would be surprised how much money you need to spend to gather all the resources you need.


For our start up we did manage to gain funding via Awards for All, local authority and local groups.


Also time it took us about 6 months to organise all of this before we opened and this felt like a rush!

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