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Belair / Folens Books Sale

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At the education show I ended up buying a whole book shop (well everything that was left at the end of the day)


There are loads of Belair Display Books and loads of Folens play foundation books for various early years topics


Am I allowed to advertise them for sale on here - if so I will post details - if not sorry


Please can someone let me know if this is allowed



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Hi louihw -

Thanks for asking about the policy of selling. Unfortunately we've had to implement a policy of not advertising things for sale after finding an increasing number of people joining simply to promote their own early years supplies business. As you'll have noticed there is no advertising of products via banner ads etc.


Although we do allow providers to sell occasional unwanted second hand items from their own settings, I think your new books fall into the category of forbidden items. Hopefully you'll be able to sell them on ebay or other auction sites.


Thanks again for asking! :o

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