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Looking For Dinosaur Ideas...

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, I am a Nursery Assistant based in a very rural setting in Scotland. I am looking for dionsaur ideas for my nursery class. So far we have measured how big dinosaurs were and created a dinosaur land with paper mache in our tuff spot. Does anyone have any other ideas or can you point me in the right direction.


Also I have just started using a learning wall, but was on a course where learning ladders for the children to set their own targets was mentioned. Does anyone have any experience of using both or either, and willing to share their knowledge.



Thanks in advance for any help given.



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Could you inspire the children with some ICT - a little animation using the dinosaur models and show them on a whiteboard? Or let the children photograph the scenes they have created and storyboard them. If you have one of those talking photograph album things, they could make up their own story with sound effects against the photographs.


Could they design a dinosaur bee-bot jacket.


Could they use grocery boxes to paint and "wear" to role play a dinosaur.


Write their own dinosaur songs using well known tunes


Look after and attend a dinosaur egg! and then toy dinosaur which emerges.

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