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Hi we are in the process of becoming incorporated too. :o


The registering with Companies House can be done within 24 hrs if you pay £50.00 for this.

Lease agreement with your hall provider [ do make sure this is checked by somebody with a legal background if you can].

As we are part of the PSLA we have had to have a SGM to decide to become this. Then we have registered as a company. All paper work including Memorandum of Articles as well as a copy of our Company Certificate has now been sent to The PSLA Insurance Department.

We are now calling our SGM to dissolve the existing Pre-school, once we have done this and all paper work, including all Crbs for committee/ trustees goes to PSLA for them to do there bit, and then the Charity Commission bit another 4 weeks approximately to then move all assets, and remembering to notify absolutely everybody.

Contracts with any services you may use..


Ofsted this will probably trigger an Inspection but thats fine as we are waiting for one any how.

Local Authority.

Also change Contracts of employment for all staff.

Change all letterheaded paperwork.

Oh my it sounds such a lot, we have used the PSLA for any queries with this process and they have been extremely helpful.


If you require any other advice please feel free to PM me and i will try to help if i can. xD

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bridger thank you so much for this ...most of the list is already happening as we are moving but we have just had a meeting with our accountant who has suggested that we need to incorporate now or the liability issues that we are trying to lessen may still exist. Now if i can just persuade our committee to get the accountant to do the paperwork we should be ok :o we already have a solicitor /surveyor and have spoken to lawcall just still negotiating rent :( and i will tackle ofsted this week too. I hadnt thought about the crb checks for the trustees ours will have to be done with the re-registration...so much to do ....do i get paid enough for this :( just as well i love my job...most of the time xD (thanks for the pm offer i will keep you on file :(

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