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I went to recent training on the new inspections and now realise that my role as supervisor has changed, I shall spend less time with the children and more time with the paperwork.


Although the new grading is clearer, it only takes one memer of staff to be having a bad day (PMS and the like) to put us down to Inadequate.


It seems that as managers/supervisors we shall be more auditors than Early years care workers.


Mmmm but with with all the emphasis on play and less on 'testing' I feel a little lost.


Can anyone help? :o


Aunty Ruby

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I do think that the emphasis is now on "Management" skills and that the role of Supervisors in preschools / nurserys are seen as less hands on and more resembling the role of "Headteacher" in a school. This is all well and good if we have the financial backing to recruit more staff to be counted in the hands-on ratio within the setting.


What specifically did you learn from your course, Im really interested.



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I was sent details of a course but too late to attend. Apparently we are going to be sent the information though. Part of my reason to hang up my painting apron is because of the paperwork, I didnt start at playgroup for that and miss playing to the point that I resented the paperwork and wasnt doing it as I knew i should. Just a child at heart :o

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Oh gosh Auntie, ive been a supervisor for 6 yrs now, when i 1st started i spent 90% of time at work with the children, now im lucky to spend 10%, havnt been on this course but its all sounds familiar :oxD

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Hello Rea, Peggy & Hali,

Pleased to speak with you.


Its great to have discovered a place where people can share their highs and lows.


The course/workshop was run by my local LEA with the aim of updating practitioners with regards to the new Ofsted inspections, various setting were there childminders, after school groups, nurseries and like me pre-schools.


The speakers went through the background as to why the new inspections had come about and a little about the self assessment side, which was basically if you tick it you must prove it, also that this assessment should be a whole team activitiy to be done about every three months.


Two inspectors will visit, one for the Care side and one for the education side, and give two spearate outcomes, e.g. Good for care and Satisfactory for Education. Ofsted are unlikley to merge these as they are governed by tow different Acts.


The inspectors will speak to the Registered Person, Manager, Children, Staff and parents.


All of the National Standards for the particular type of care must be met, otherwise the setting will receive an automatic Inadequate. The example that the speakers gave was "You may have the most fantastic place, with money being thrown at it, the children learning and working excellently towards the ELG's and wonderful staff, BUT the fridge is on the blink and the food is not being stored at the correct temperature, = Inadequate!"


They also gave some useful web sites, some which we know, and some which are useful:


Common Core of Skills & Knowledge - This will help form a training need analysis to see where you and your staff are at and plan training accordingly - available from www.dfes.gov.uk or every child matters web site.






www.hm-treasury.gov.uk for the 10 year strategy, which is looking for a graduate workforce plus various other issues to be delivered in 3 years. Mmmm on the salary Early Years settings can afford to pay??!!


Sorry to waffle on, but it was quite informative.


Aunty Ruby :)

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Thanks for the info Ruby,

I wandered how often "regular" self evaluation would be, every 3 months eh, I think I'll do mine once a term.

When I get time I shall look at the "Common Core of Skills & Knowledge" I wander what these are for Inspectors?? :D



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Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, don't panic!!! (or should it be "We're doomed! We're doomed!?)


They didn't mention the fact that Inspectors are to receive three days' training to learn all about how to inspect under the new regime, did they??


In the example you cite, Aunty Ruby, people like us who operate in a village hall could have problems if we have to rely on third parties to maintain the equipment which may adversely affect our grading.


I think we need a heavy dose of Peggy-speak here: good old positive thinking (can you buy it at Tesco? I'd pay for an annual subscription!). I haven't worked in Early Years for very long, but long enough to greet each new directive/regime with more than a healthy dose of cynicism. I know we need to remain positive, but doesn't your heart sink?


I really hope that the 'little notice inspections' will produce results that reflect the high standards we all strive to achieve. More self assessment should help drive up standards, provided everyone has a shared commitment to quality.


I guess we'll have to see how things proceed, and take it a step at a time. It does sound as though your LEA are taking the bull by the horns, Aunty Ruby. I'll be interested to see what our Early Years team does in comparison.


And the Forum will have a crucial part to play - as and when we get inspected under the new regime we'll have a place to come and share good and not-so-good experiences.


What would we do without it?



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