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Hi I'm posting because I have an job interview next week for a Playgroup Manager position. I have worked at the Playgroup for 18 months but I'm up against a Deputy Manager of a Day Nursery and a Nursery school teacher. I could really do with some help about which questions they are likely to ask in the interview so that I can prepare myself, as I don't usually cope well in interviews due to nerves. I have been told that they will be using a new set of questions from the Pre-School Learning Alliance and I was wondering if anybody knew which questions they use. I'm in Yorkshire and I have download some examples of interview questions off the web but was wondering if anyone on here could help me. I know they are likely to ask about safeguarding and EYFS. Can anyone think of what else I should be reading up on? :o

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Not much useful advice I can offer about what questions they might ask Miacat3, but don't forget to go equipped to talk about some stuff you're interested in. It's much easier to show your own enthusiasm if you can find a way of inserting your own areas of passion and then wax lyrical about them (for example outdoor play or music/dance). If you're continually trying to respond to any subject they lead on it can be difficult to find your feet, especially if, as you say, you're a slightly nervous interviewee.


I'll let others suggest areas you might be quizzed on - good luck next week! :o

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Hi there Miacat3, as Steve said, the more you can talk about your own experiences the more confident you will feel, rather than rehearsing things which you may very likely forget if nerves take hold.


I sometimes get to sit on interview panels, so the sorts of things that may well come up are


knowledge of the EYFS

how you create partnerships with parents

experience if working with other agencies/linking with other settings

experience of working with children with additional needs

what additional support or training you would like



For leadership and management position, also how you would manage a particular situation how you might support staff who struggle with something (eg observations); or how you might manage a disciplinary matter.


Be prepared also to talk about anything you wrote in your application

Be prepared to say you don't know something. Panels can usually spot waffle at a thousand paces.


You do have an advantage as you know the setting already and can talk about the challenges of your type of setting, which are oftten different from the challenges faced by day nurseries and nursery schools or classes.


On the nerve front, I used to take rescue remedy before an interview, as I used to get so nervous, Id be physically sick. When I was offered the job I do now, I had to double check they had actually called the right person!


Good luck with it.

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