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Guest gemmafaith

Having a sensory garden (with different herbs etc)


Have a quiet area the children can go into for focused activities like a secret garden, which is separated off from the rest of the garden


Old tyres are good to use e.g. to put sand in or to use for general exploration


An area for sand and water


An area which is covered over so children have shelter in rain and warm sun


An area for physical activities, climbing, balancing (a fixed wooden obstacle course)


A vegetable patch for the children to care for


An area for digging



Just some ideas to get you started

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Book suggestion


The outdoor classroom A place to learn by Hilary Harriman


I have just bought it on the advice of our EYAT and it seems to have some great ideas in it.

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also communication friendly spaces - small tents / enclosed areas where thet children can just sit and talk or just sit

these are very popular in our group

also perhaps an outside music area with instruments hung from trees / between trees x

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large community playthings blocks.


Access to lots of 'loose parts' - tubes, materials, fastenings, guttering etc etc


naturalised area - to encourage minibeast habitats, somewhere to 'explore' and poke about

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