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I havent seen any reference to this site anywhere so just wondered if anyone knows about it. I've had a quick look and it does look as if it could be a handy tool for committee members.Its free to join unless you wan the #'plus' version which gives access to legal people, £40 per year unless you have a turn over of less than £0,000 then its £20 per year. I havent joined yet, still thinking about it, but it has a forum that might be able to give help when we need it.

I know at times I've struggled with committee things, especially when I find out the answer to the things before I knew there was a question!!


Trustee network


Edited to say theres also a link to the Small Charities web site "The Small Charities Coalition exists to help small charities access the skills, experience and resources they need to achieve their aims".

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