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Hi all

What do you do when there are problems between committee members. Its school club where I am on committee.


We did a parent questionnaire got 47% back so very good. Very good results back. But its that old chestnut of what do you least like about club?

Majority 21% bookings not guaranteed

18% said nothing

12% bookings not flexible enough


When asked how would you suggest club could be improved bookings and being guaranteed a place was 6% (2 parents)

Best bit..84% said they would not go on the committee as they had other commitments.



Bookings system is as follows:

Done on monthly basis, those users that have been using the club the longest get priority bookings.This tends to mean that yr 6 will get priority over reception children. However club is very busy and nearly always full. On rare occassions if eg a year 6 has an extra session then this means a reception child may lose out. It has been done this way ever since club opened. Two committee members have suffered at the hands of this (and hence joined the committee i think!) and want all parents to be given set days. Another committee member who works various shifts has said this would make it worse as given that she does not know what days she needs she would just book every session and therefore there would actually be less places available. We currently have 10 shift worker parents. So it is a case of not being able to please all parents all the time. Just before the questionnaire went out some sessions were refused hence the 21% is all parents of those children in years reception and 1 who last month were refused some of their sessions. Last committee meeting bookings was brought up by the 2 committee member and informally we discussed it and said that to change it all would involve alot of work and would still not please everyone!


Now that this has been raised as an issue on the questionairre (maybe a bit of encouragement to complete the questionnaire by the committee member???) the member wants to raise it again at the next meeting. How do we go about resolving this issue once and for all? Does it have to go to an actual vote by the committee?


Can anyone think of any other way to do bookings? Most clubs I have looked into do first come first served per month. Our bookings are done by the committee and not the staff so that they are not responsible for monies. Doing set days would mean shift workers would lose out as they need different days. We have increased our numbers to our max but this means that we have to get staff to do extra shifts (dont go down the line of recruiting!!).


I think the thing i find most annoying is that this particular member only joined the committee to try and alter this system and actually does not contribute in any other way of helping out. The treasurer has said if we change the way bookings etc is done she will leave and pass it onto the one complaining about it due to the amount of work it would involve!!!



Before joing the club parents are made aware of the booking system and it is written on the monthly booking forms.

Any advice?

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Sorry no advise ro give, just didn't want to read and run. It does seem to me that a first come first served basis is the fairest way however I am ready to be corrected on that and also I do understand why it could/would cause problems in changing the system.

Just a thought but could you not run it the same as a preschool (well ours anyway) If someone had a place Mon, Tues, weds & then decided not to come in every other weds (for whatever reason) we would still charge them and if they asked could they change their days from week to week we would have to say no as who would fill that place when they weren't. Or is that what you are saying they would do anyway, by booking all the available places?

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Good to hear that you are so busy Marley


...I'd say the best bet would be to expand, are you able to "grow" to give you spare capacity. You seem to be in demand so maybe two clubs one for under 8's and governed by ratios and another for over eights without the restrictions of ratios.


Would this be possible?

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You will never please everyone, but do need to really go worth the majority...


seems majority of patents did not even return the questionnaire.. are they all happy as it is which was why they did not reply... perhaps an ask of all parents just about the booking system and are they happy with it as it is, or prefer set days rolled over each month only changed if there is space available or if you can find a swap.. which is how many preschools work... and our local clubs work like this too...this does mean though like suggested the reception children actually seldom if ever get to attend as the children who have been there longest snap up all the days , when new ones came available (yr 6 leave usually) as already attending they had first choice of changing or adding.. chances of any year R or 1 getting a place was greatly reduced.. even when they were on the committee they still had to adhere to the rules , so no place...


I do think before any changes are made (if ever) you need to do a complete survey or check with all parents to see how they feel about it, even if this is asking them all personally which may be a better option as it will give a complete picture rather than just those who bother to reply..ALL parents are members of the group even if they do not realise not just committee and therefore can have a say in how it is run


if worded correctly you may get more replies , along the lines of thinking of changing to firm bookings carried over each month, unable to change, pay if not attending,one months notice for any changes to bookings... and any other rules/restrictions you may want to add. like longest attending get an option of changing or adding days when a space becomes available...(noting that this may mean no places available for the younger children) this may well bring out those who are very happy with the flexibility you now offer to reply and give the majority as no change...


having set days from the start would actually be easier with bookings as it would be the same month to month unless someone gave notice, then just contact those attending to see if they want a change or adding days, which could be noted on their reg form so you would know who to contact , and if any spaces then on to wait lists..


Those who are now unhappy may not realise that to change in this way could mean no places at all for the reception children as shift workers may book all 5 and pay so they are guaranteed a place when they need it... so in effect less children get a chance to attend...


so many variables... I think you are being very flexible already with allowing a monthly change

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We are already at our maximum numbers for our registration and there really is no more room to be able to use in the school!! We are lucky it is busy.


Inge you have a valid point. If the issue gets raised again I think I may suggest that we have to consult all the parents.

To be honest if we are going to do it then sept would be the ideal time! I can see though that those doing shifts will just book and pay for all the sessions they may possibly need leaving little room for Reception...but hey does that mean no OFSTED inspection??!!!!

We were recently told by our LEA support that if OFSTED turn up and there are jno early years children in they go away and come back when there are some in!!

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Guest jenpercy

I was told that you would be inspected to find out what you would do for EYFS but can't see how that would work???

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