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Purpose Built Pre-school Project


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Guest LucyQ

We may soon be faced with the prospect of building a purpose built pre-school (we currently run out of a parish hall). It is very exciting and of course we are a long way off but I'm already thinking about the building and outside area itself and how we want it to be.


Has anyone been in this position ?


What kind of building did you get? We want something special - a real child/family friendly centre, not just a prefab (although if we can't raise enough money then we would be happy with that too, anythings better than what we have now).


How did you get the funding?


Are there any innovative architects that specifically work with schools/pre-schools ?


If there is anyone out there with experience of such a project, I would love to hear from you - don't want to waste this golden opportunity.

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Oh mine too  :D

The back page of Nursery world sometimes has an advertisment from a company who build pre-schools, but I dont take it nymore so cant help wih a name.


One is Lilliput children's centres from portakabin:-




Sorry - I don't know how to put in a hyperlink!


I am so envious - like most people who work out of a village hall, it is our dream to have our own premises! Good luck with the project, and keep us posted.



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We learnt a little about new nurseries in the last couple years. If you want to hear it, read on, if not, just skip over it.


1. Architects always like to be innovative. However, too much innovation often leads to a centre where the children don't actually have room to play. Fancy curved walls, round rooms, 20 doors etc, all take away from the children's space. And what is the centre for?? The archtect should build a nice looking building, but has to think about the children first.


2. For starters, read Spaces Which will tell you all about room layout, what to avoid etc, and give guidelines for working with the architect.


3. Ask for a copy of "Building Spaces" from our literature request page Here.

This will give you more indepth pointer for the architect.


4. Then get a vision for the centre, and work for the architect keeping the children in mind. Then you will have a great centre.


5. We have planned 100's of centres in the last 2 years. When the architect does something fancy, it really makes it difficult. We have had rooms with 20 doors in them, moving walls that swing from side to side, glass walls, low level wall lighting just perfect for burning children's hands etc etc.


6. Come and visit us at Community Playthings, and we will do all your interior room layouts (furniture etc) free of charge. (this part isn't nessesary but the above points are!)


Thats it - Have fun.

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i too am in a village hall and my dream is to be able to have our own space and more time to devote to organising activities and discussing children etc. Community play things do have an excellent resource for orgainsing your new space. If you are succesful with your new building please let us all know how you went about funding it as i know i will try the same route. good luck!

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