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I got mine, free of charge, from a local toy shop.They come full of small toys, such as wind ups, or bouncy balls. The shop was really pleased to have someone take them away for them.You could also try newsagents................all those sweet jars, usually free of charge. Also, some shops, such as Wilkinsons, or Sainsburys, have them, as the mini sharpies pens come in those jars.Good luck!

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as with most of these fab ideas..... they come from TTS!




They also do a lovely trolley to store them on....


Of course, free ones from a toy shop are always better :oxD



Our children love these - I have recently put them onto an old bookcase so that the children can freely access the craft contents... and the results have been amazing! although they do need checking how many pom poms they want to stick on a piece of paper!! :(:(

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