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Involving Parents At Outset


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We recently had an Ofsted inspection and one of our recommendations was:


. review the systems for sharing information with parents at the outset to ensure that information relating to what children can already do is more effectively used in order to establish clear starting points.


Fair point I thought. We currently observe new children for approximately 6 weeks then use our own judgement to assess where their starting point is.


However, I have been trying to devise a 'ticklist' 'questionnaire' 'form' ANYTHING to ask parents where they would put their child.


I have tried looking at the development matters and asking basic questions around those.


But, have come to a sticking point, has anyone got anything they can share with me that they use to obtain this kind of information???


Kind thanks in advance for any responses, am ready to give up!!!!!



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I'd keep it relatively simple and not think about firing loads of questions at parents about the development matters statements.


At your settling in meetings, I'd sit with the parents and ask them things like the following:

* What does s/he like doing on his own/with you/with siblings?

* Is his development where you would expect for his age? Anything you've really noticed about his strengths or interests?

* Can you give me some examples of the language s/he uses (or how s/he communicates with you)?

* Do you have any concerns about his/her learning or development?

* What are his/her favourite books/songs/toys/games/places to go?

* Does s/he like being physically active?



That sort of thing! :o

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We have the Worcestershire Pathway Profile and it has the parent info pages at the front to gather from the parents about their childs needs and interests etc. It is a standard info gathering sheet..... but can try and get a copy to attach if you want!!




I recently had a child start at nursery and had done these very sheets with Dad and we talked about illness, complaints operations etc and he told me his child had speech difficulties and had had lots of throat problems and had been for an op recently to remove his tonsils..................


I thought things must have really been bad to take tonsils out at 3 years old so noted it all down.


On the last of these pages there is a big open box so I ask if there is anything else Dad feels we should know about his child to make the transition easier and to make his time with us better before he starts our sessions.

Dad assures me no theres nothing else to tell...................


We arrange a visit with the child talk about available sessions etc.


Lots of time to talk as it is after the session so no rush no children interupting no excuse not to give a full picture of this child..............


When he arrived he came with a wedge of notes/ letters about an inch thick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He has severe communication and social behavioural difficulties, speech and language issues, and the list went on.


All I keep wondering is did Dad think if he told me all of this we wouldn't take his child???


I cant see another reason for withholding such a major amount of information about a child.


Sorry I wittered on..... it seems occasionally even with the right questions aksed and in the right environment you dont get the info needed!!

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