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Hi our topic next half term is growth.Just wondering if anyone has any realy good ideas for activities or resources?

I really want to make a miniture garden with the children but i am not at all green fingered!!


Help would be appreciated!





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For a quick grow - and might perhaps look good in your miniature garden - mustard and cress seeds. You might consider making their initial letter in cress -that could be fun, just cut a wad of kitchen roll in the shape of their letter, dampen and spread with seeds, they will be up a few days later.

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One year I had 4 geranium plants


1 watered and cared for extra specially...gave baby bio and talked to it


1 kept in a box....no light


1 overwatered.....then when started to look sad we stopped over watering and fed it and cared for it


1 not watered....ignored until it died


Talked about caring for things and what we need to grow


All worked really well except I named them and one mum came in and said how sorry she was to hear my frind Frank had died....you got it, it was geranium number 4

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Grow carrot tops in saucers. Make lovely 'trees'.

Grow sprouting seeds in glass jars. Mung beans etc.

Rinse in water daily and they are ready to eat in a week.

Broad bean seeds in glass jar (held in place with blotting paper)

Children can view process - put some in sideways or upside down and they can see that roots always go down (geotropism) and shoots go towards light (phototropism).

Reception class I help in grew cress on a pile of compost on a 'tuf' spot.

Look at the children's own growth - measuring heights, feet, hands,

Get parents to send in outlines of rest of families hands so children can compare.


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