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Hello Weebly users (I think some of you are weebly users!)


Weebly advertises it's website builder as free with free domain name. I've noticed that to access some features labelled 'pro' you have to upgrade and pay. So, if I stay clear of the upgrade option, is it all free? Also is to have your own domain name (i.e. not one that ends in weebly) completely free?

So far I haven't seen a price and I've nearly built one - I have my own domain name from another website builder which I am leaving soon, as it's rubbish! I just don't want to build my website, ready to publish it and then be asked to pay. I'm sceptical at free things.




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Hi - I left my old domain name and website as it 'stands' as it IS possible to use your existing name but I'm not quite 'techy' enough to do things that involve pop servers and goodness knows what.


I did upgrade to the pro version as it was still very cheap and just enabled me to do some things that I wanted, however, I had it as a free site for a while before I did that. I really can't remember whether I bought the new domain name or not - it definitely isn't named weebly - it suggested a few I could choose from and I got the one I liked best.


I really like that I can tweak and fiddle with it as much as I like and then it goes 'live' when I click a button, I can upload newsletters as pdf files and my booking form etc so folk can download them themselves or read them off the screen.


If I did pay for anything, it was extremely reasonable - I wouldn't have done anything so rash as to buy something expensive that I didn't need when I have a pre-existing website.

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Hi there, I am a big weebly user and have several sites with them.


I use the free service for our preschool website. I have 'pointed' this to our own domain name so it looks more professional. Honestly it really is not difficult even though it sounds a bit complicated.


First go to a company like fasthosts (www.fasthosts.co.uk), to buy the domain (choose a .org.uk ending as they are cheapest and show you are a charity). The domain name will cost you about £4 a year maximum. Now set up your website on weebly, using the free service.


Then all you have to do is log in to your account with your domain registrar (e.g. fasthosts), and change the A records. You can even just send your domain company an email instead via weebly and they will change it for you. It really is as simple as just typing in a couple of numbers.


The professional version allows you the option to password protect pages, I thought it was a few dollars a month rather than a one off payment. You are paying for them to host your site on their servers, so it would presumably be an on-going payment.


Cait if you bought a domain name via weebly (or anywhere else for that matter) you WILL have to pay an annual or bi-annual charge. Unless your domain name is a weebly one (has weebly somewhere in it) then you do have to pay to keep that name as yours.

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