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Hi all, I am after your wisdom yet again please. We (me and leader) have been looking through policies today, picking out oldest ones to review and update. We came across this one which was last updated in 2005, so obviously it may be out of date. We have our suspicions that it was a PSLA which someone downloaded and bunged in the folder, without thinking about what it actually meant.


We're particularly not clear about the 1974 Act, and whether we need to have reference to it. There's a section saying: 'We ensure that they (staff) have received appropriate guidance and training in the relevant legislation relating to the employment of ex-offenders, e.g. the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.


Well, we don't, as far as I know we never have. My leader has attended a safer recruitment course, but they didn't cover this act. Am I going to have to pay for training re. an act that as far as I can see has little relevance to us? Obviously we wouldn't not consider someone for a minor offence, but common sense means anything related to children or good character would count someone out straight away, whatever any legislation says.


I thought maybe we are exempt from the Act? We declare on our application form that we do CRB etc.


Help please before my brain explodes! How can we have pages and pages of child protection and then be expected to have this alongside it. It's madness as far as I'm concerned ...



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From what I remember I think we had this one sent to us by TMG


there were a couple in the pack they sent us and there was one we had to adopt to get our CRBs done through them, it was one of the conditions of registering and they supplied it. Cannot remember much about the policy but do not remember anything about training in it..


Sorry cannot help with if it is still needed... just remember getting some policies from them on this.

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We have to following in our application form, which I updated after doing the CWDC Safe Recruitment course last year



Rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974 (exceptions order 1975 and 1986). This post is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. Please provide below details of convictions for any offence (including traffic convictions, appearances before a court) or formal cautions from the police for any offence (including cautions as a juvenile), or any bind-overs imposed by any court.


If you have been convicted or cautioned, you may still be eligible for appointment depending on the nature and circumstances of the offence. However, failure to disclose could count against you.


A CRB check will be conducted for anyone appointed

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