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Our LA are no longer going to issue us with record keeping/obs books so we have an opportunity to carryon with the format we have (some of which we are not keen on ,tweaking,buying something in or starting our own thing

Advice please


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this is ours. Part 2 is the key person pages and part 3 is where we annotate mini obs against the statements.


Part 1 is also in the library 'my unique child' and that's the bit the parents do


Let me know if you need any info about it.

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Hi littleanna


Have you had a look out our free downloadable resource PRAMS, which stands for 'Progress Recording and Monitoring System' and is a computer program designed to help practitioners organise the tracking and evaluation of children's learning in their settings.


For more info click here


There is a dedicated forum area where PRAMS can be discussed and if you decide to use it you can get technical support from the team, it can be found here


Best wishes


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